Home Owners Insurance

Our home owner’s insurance agents want to make sure that you have complete and accurate information about making a decision regarding your home owner’s insurance policy. That is why we offer you the opportunity to get a quote for home owners insurance with us online. Just be aware of the fact that our agents can sit down with you and give you a home owner’s quote as well that may be more pertinent to your current situation. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Standard Coverages

Our homeowner’s insurance policies each offer different types of protection.  The coverages that your policy will offer depends upon the insurance carrier that you choose to issue your policy.  Some of the standard coverage offered are:

  • Building – covers damage to your home and connected structures
  • Contents – covers damage to your personal property within your home, due to the causes that are listed in your policy
  • Personal Liability – coverage for things you become exposed to as a homeowner, such as a slip and fall on your property
  • Other Structures – covers damage to unattached buildings on your property, such as sheds and unattached garages

Home Owners Insurance Quote

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  • Uploading your current home or renter's insurance policy provides us with all the necessary details about your current insurance coverages, and provides you with the most accurate quote. We can then tailor your coverages if needed to fit your current insurance needs. Policy upload saves you time from having to fill out our complete quote request form, as the information is already contained in your policy.
  • Home Information

  • If you have photos of the exterior of your home, you can upload them here. Both a front/side and back/side view is recommended. If you have a wood stove on premise, please also include a photo of the stove and chimney. Note: JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG are accepted formats.
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  • Upon completion of the form, your information will be forwarded on to an agent, whom will then contact you via the method you specified in the Personal Information section above. Please initial the coverage notice below and submit your form.