Progressive Insurance

MCI Insurance is proud to be a partner with Progressive Insurance for your auto insurance needs.  Not only is an auto insurance policy reasonable with Progressive Insurance, but they have also created a noticeable difference in how you shop for and buy your own policy!  MCI Insurance will work with you and Progressive Insurance to find an insurance policy that will fit your budget.

Name Your Price®

You know what you can afford to spend for auto insurance.  So why not get a quote that is based upon those figures?  With MCI Insurance and Progressive Insurance, you can base your quote around a price that is affordable for you.  The packages that you will see first are the ones that are closest to your budget.

Variety of Tools

The goal for obtaining insurance through MCI Insurance and Progressive Insurance is to make finding a suitable policy that is affordable while making it easy to do so.  When you travel to the Progressive Insurance website, there are a few items that will help allow you to create a policy that is right for you.  Some of those tools are:

  • Coverage Checker – this tool highlights any areas of your car insurance quote that may have too much or too little coverage.
  • Recommended Insurance Package – your quote will include just the right amount of protection
  • Policy Information Stored Online – no need to wait 5-7 days for your ID cards to arrive in the mail because all of your important policy information is stored online with easy access