Bay City is strategically positioned midway along Michigan’s East Shoreline.  Over the years, our community has become one of the state’s largest communities.  The entrepreneurial spirt that has drawn various people to Bay City has also created a lust for discover, invention and freedom.  As our great city became a prominent outpost of the famous Underground Railroad in the days before the Civil War, our community became a hotbed of innovation.  This gave birth to new technologies that help to revolutionize shipbuilding and construction.  And our staff here at MCI Insurance is very proud to say that we have been here serving our community throughout it all…

Abundancy of Information

We know that the whole realm of insurance can be quite confusing.  That is why we have put together pages of resources to help guide you in your decision making.  These pages are:

Determination and Creative Spirit

The determination and creative spirit that brought so many to our area of the world also helped to drive and found MCI Insurance.  Our great company has been recognized by the Historical Society of Michigan as a Michigan Sesquicentennial Business.  We are proud to say that we are still guided by the same principles of integrity and ingenuity of our company founding forefathers.