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Dental Insurance

Dental Smile

Dental health is a key to preserving your general health. There are a variety of reasons why you benefit from having dental insurance.  For starters, it makes economic sense. Dental disease and discomfort are a frequently overlooked reason for missing work or performing poorly on the job. And days lost on the job may very well result in money loss.


Preventative Dental Care

Most medical needs and treatments are unpredictable. They can be catastrophic and costly. But, dental needs and treatments are quite predictable. They are not catastrophic or costly. Dental disease is often times quite preventable, except when damage is incurred during an accident. Dental treatments will often begin with a fairly low-cost diagnostic procedure such as exams and X-Rays. Should decay or disease be detected and treated right away, the treatment will be less expensive.

Dental Plans

Most dental plans are designed to only pay a portion of your dental expenses and may include or exclude certain treatments. Some plans do not cover pre-existing conditions like missing teeth, dental implants, specialist referrals or other dental needs. Even if you and your dentist agree upon a treatment method, if it is not outlined in your dental agreement plan, your dental insurance may only pay a portion. It is important to take a look at what dental plan most suits your dental needs.

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