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Home Insurance

Image by Kara Eads

It simply makes sense to have home owner’s insurance. After all, most mortgage companies require that you have it for the length of time you remain with them. And you have worked very hard in order to secure and maintain your home. In today’s economy, would you be able to afford the costly repairs after high winds or a fire? This is why everyone needs to have home insurance.


Coverage and Protection

Home Insurance will protect your home and personal property from causes such as fire and theft. It also provides personal liability coverage. An example of this would be if someone slips and injures himself on your sidewalk or steps.


Standard Coverages

Each homeowner’s insurance policy will offer different protection. The coverages will depend upon the insurance carrier that offers your policy. There are some standard coverages, such as:

  • Building – covers damage to your home and connected structures

  • Contents – covers damage to your personal property within your home, due to the causes that are listed in your policy

  • Personal Liability – coverage for things you become exposed to as a homeowner, such as a slip and fall on your property

  • Other Structures – covers damage to unattached buildings on your property, such as sheds and unattached garages


Additional Coverages

There are additional coverages available. These may vary depending upon your insurance carrier. These additional coverages are available in order to protect what happens to be important to you. These may include:


  • Backup of Sewers and Drains (if there’s a power outage and your sump pump quits)

  • Replacement Cost of Contents

  • Loss to Refrigerated Contents (if there’s a power outage and your food spoils)

  • Extended Debris Removal


Your professional account manager at MCI will help you assess your needs and select an insurance carrier that will offer you the best protection at a reasonable price.

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