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Renters Insurance

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If you do not own your home, your personal items aren’t necessarily covered by the home owner’s insurance policy. Should a catastrophe occur, are you prepared to replace your valuable items? Protect your personal items with a customized renter’s insurance policy from MCI.


Possible Scenarios

If you rent your home, you have probably never thought about the following situations:


  • A fire in your building that causes damage to your personal property.

  • A break-in occurs and your new laptop is stolen.

  • A pipe in the ceiling bursts and results in soaking your red, microfiber sofa.


Even if your landlord has insurance on the building, their policy will not cover your personal property. A renter’s insurance policy through MCI will help you protect your personal items at an affordable price.

Properly Protect Your Belongings

Take a moment to think about everything you own. What would it cost to replace these items should a mishap occur? Would you be able to replace items such as:


  • Your clothing

  • Your furniture

  • Your HDTV, X-Box, Playstation, or stereo

  • Your computer, printer and fax machine

  • Your musical instruments

  • Your sporting equipment

  • Your jewelry


With renter’s insurance, you never have to worry about how you will replace valuable items. And renter’s insurance is very affordable through MCI. This is a very small price to pay should the “what if” scenario were to become a reality.

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