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Umbrella Liability Insurance


An umbrella liability insurance policy is designed to protect your personal assets from bodily injury as well as property damage lawsuits. This type of policy protects not only the name of the insured party, but also to their spouse, relative and anyone else under the age of 21 living within your household who you are responsible for. An umbrella liability insurance policy will protect you by:


  • Providing additional liability coverage over and above the liability limits of your home, auto, recreational or watercraft policy. The umbrella will “kick” in once the liability on your other policies become exhausted.

  • Providing coverage for any personal injuries which include libel, slander, false arrest, mental anguish, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment and wrongful eviction.

Umbrella Insurance Needs

Do you own your home? Do you have substantial assets besides your home? How about investments or a retirement fund? If you calculated your total assets and then compared that total to the liability coverage of your home, auto and other policies, would your insurance cover your total assets? If not, you should truly consider an umbrella insurance policy.


Don’t Put Yourself at Risk

When you have worked so hard for your assets, the last thing you want is to risk them should you become involved in a serious accident or someone becomes injured on your property. Lawsuits and medical bills can be very expensive. Consider these situations:


  • Other parties are injured and/or damage to other vehicles occurs due to an accident that is your fault.

  • Your dog or other pet causes harm to another person, or chews through the carpet of someone else’s home.

  • A neighbor’s child gets injured in your yard.

  • A guest at your home has a slip and fall.


Should a lawsuit arise out of these situations, you need the peace of mind in knowing that the things you’ve worked so hard for are protected.



Because an Umbrella Policy requires underlying limits of your Homeowners and Auto Insurance policies, the professional team at MCI Insurance suggests contacting us to discuss your insurance concerns.

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